About Yeshua Cleaning

A spacious commercial property in Miami, immaculately cleaned by Yeshua Cleaning. The image shows a large office space with gleaming floors, spotless windows, and neatly arranged desks. The environment reflects the high standards of cleanliness and professionalism that Yeshua Cleaning is known for in their commercial service offerings.

Proffesional Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company

Experience the ultimate clean with our comprehensive deep cleaning services. Designed to rejuvenate your living space, our deep cleaning process targets dirt, grime, and hidden contaminants, leaving your home sparkling and refreshed.

Regular cleaning maintains surface cleanliness, but deep cleaning takes it to the next level. It involves a meticulous scrubbing and sanitizing of every nook and cranny, ensuring that even the most hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned. From neglected corners to overlooked spaces, our deep cleaning service leaves no stone unturned.

Why Choose Yeshua Cleaning

14+ Years of Cleaning Excellence
Directly Managed by the Owner
Owner-Operated for Personalized Service
Quality Assurance Through Close Supervision
Trustworthy and Reliable Cleaning Services
Specialized in Airbnb Property Management
Comprehensive Cleaning with a Personal Touch
Proven Track Record of Customer Satisfaction
Fully Vetted & Background Checked Employees
A Local Family-Owned Miami  Company You Can Trust
5 star Reviews From Hundreds Of Happy Customers

Dedicated To Excellence

Our dedication to excellence shines through from the initial stages of tailored bid preparation and presentation to the ongoing execution of your maintenance plan.

We implement bespoke Quality Control and Assurance Programs, equipped with advanced reporting tools, to support our clients effectively. These tools enhance communication and are designed to guarantee client satisfaction throughout our partnership.
A glowing five-star review left by a satisfied customer for Yeshua Cleaning, a top-rated cleaning service in Miami. The review praises the exceptional quality of the cleaning and the professionalism of the staff, highlighting their attention to detail and reliability in servicing residential, commercial, and Airbnb properties

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties does Yeshua Cleaning service?

Yeshua Cleaning specializes in cleaning and managing commercial spaces, residential homes, apartments, and Airbnb properties.

How long has Yeshua Cleaning been in business?

We have been providing top-notch cleaning services for over 14 years, with a proven track record of excellence and reliability.

What sets Yeshua Cleaning apart from other cleaning services?

Our owner-operated business ensures hands-on supervision and a personal touch in every cleaning project. Plus, our commitment to returning lost items has earned us a loyal customer base.

Does Yeshua Cleaning offer eco-friendly cleaning options?

Yes, we are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions upon request, ensuring safe and environmentally responsible practices.

How does Yeshua Cleaning ensure quality and satisfaction?

We have a robust Quality Control and Assurance Program that includes regular inspections and client feedback sessions to continuously improve our services and ensure client satisfaction.

Can I request the same cleaner each time?

We strive to provide consistency by allowing you to request the same cleaner for your property, ensuring familiarity and a personalized service experience.

What is Yeshua Cleaning's policy on lost and found items?

If our cleaners find any lost items during their service, they are catalogued and kept safe until we can return them to the rightful owner, as demonstrated by our history of returning items like gold chains.

How do I get a quote for cleaning services?

You can contact us through our website or phone number to schedule a consultation. We provide customized quotes based on your specific cleaning needs and property size.

What are the cleaning safety protocols followed by Yeshua Cleaning?

Our team adheres to strict safety protocols, including the use of PPE and adherence to all local health guidelines, to ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff.