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A team of five Yeshua Cleaning employees actively cleaning a large residential space in Miami. The team is coordinated and efficient, each member equipped with cleaning supplies and tools, working together to ensure every corner of the home is spotless. Their uniforms are neat, and they demonstrate teamwork and dedication to providing excellent service.

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At Yeshua Cleaning, we are constantly searching for skilled professionals who are passionate about maintaining clean, healthy environments for both commercial and residential properties. Explore the career opportunities we offer and learn how you can become a vital part of our dedicated team.
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Benefits of working with Yeshua Cleaning.

As a member of the Yeshua Cleaning family, you’ll be part of a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. We provide our employees with several benefits and incentives to enhance their career experience, including:
Health benefits for overall well-being
A 401(k) program with company matching to aid in your financial security
Employee discounts on various products and services
All tips from customers go directly to you!
A Yeshua Cleaning employee performing janitorial services in a corporate office setting in Miami. The cleaner, dressed in a professional uniform, is using a mop and bucket to clean the tiled floor, reflecting a commitment to maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment. The background shows a well-kept office area, highlighting the thoroughness of the cleaning services provided.

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